Chris Land

Tim was waiting for us at the airport when we arrived. We were brought home in a spotless Escalade. The ride to the house was smooth and quick where Tim unloaded our luggage for us. Later I realized that my eCig slipped out of my pocket in the seat and so we contacted Starr to let them know and ask if they could look for it. They went above and beyond all expectation- for such a little inconsequential thing, we came back from an errand and it was waiting for me on my front porch. These guys are great and I would never hesitate to use their service or refer them to friends or colleagues. Absolutely great!

Andrea G.

Here I was, arriving at a new airport on my way to attend a conference. I saw a sign for the conference, spoke with the gentleman, and decided to use this transportation service. Good Call! I was assisted with my luggage, offered a cool bottled water, and entered a luxury SUV. I was given the option of a quiet ride, or the driver could educate me on Tucson. I chose to hear about this new and mysterious destination . Another good call! Pleasant company, excellent service, and was able to book on the spot for an un-Godly pick up time for the return trip. Slightly more money that the estimated cab fare , but well worth it. Give them a call for your needs in Tucson.

Lindsay O.

My mom was staying in Tucson and Mike was a wonderful driver!  She didn't have a car, so she and her friend hired Mike to take them around the city to a few places. Mike was professional and went above and beyond. He was absolutely delightful and so helpful. Thank you so much for everything!

Sally F.

Mike and Tim are fantastic! I used this transport from the airport to JW Marriott Starr Pass resort. Met at baggage and assisted w baggage to limo. Wow!
Then decided to use them for evening in town for dinner and movie along with personal tour of Mission of San Xavier. Professional and friendly!!! Definitely will use again! Try them - you won't go wrong!!!

Marie M.

I am attending a conference at the JW Marriott in Tucson, AZ. I had arranged for transportation from the airport to hotel via email. Sharon emailed me explicit directions on where my driver would be. On the morning of my departure my flight was delayed by hours and I was placed on a different flight via a different layover/time. I emailed Sharon to tell her things had changed. She emailed me right back saying she got my changes and no worries. When I arrived the driver (Tim, her husband) was there holding up my name. He got my baggage off the belt and took it to the car and loaded it. Very comfortable Escalade. Got some very interesting facts about Tucson from Tim. He was so pleasant, friendly, and professional. At the hotel he brought my bag all the way to the reservation desk. Staff greeted him warmly. Within about 6-7 minutes I realized I left my laptop in Tim's car. I was panicked. The employee told me not to worry and had Sharon on the phone within minutes. She contacted Tim.  In less than 10 minutes I see a smiling Tim in the lobby holding up my laptop case. OMG what a terrific start to my stay. Wonderful people. Super reasonable price for superior service.